What is the process?

Call us anytime 24/7 at 347-352-0505 or complete our easy short form. Next we’ll schedule a convenient time to view your property as quickly as the same day or the next day. After viewing your property, we’ll provide you with a written cash offer and if the offer is acceptable to you, we’ll generally close within 7 days.

Is there any obligation?

There is never any obligation to accept our offer.

What Do I Need to Do?

Unlike listing your property the traditional way with a Realtor, you need to do practically nothing when you sell to us. We’re expecting to purchase the property completely as is with all faults.

Are You The Buyer? Is It Really Cash?

Yes! Be aware that the vast majority of cash homebuyers in the NYC marketplace are actually middlemen who are in the business of assigning the purchase contract to a real investor for a fee. This means you pay more and they may or may not be successful in that effort. When you sell to OnlineHouseBuyers, we are the final, actual cash buyers of your property. There is no intermediary, no lenders, and nothing that could get in the way of the transaction.

Can I sell my house if it is “underwater” or I am facing foreclosure?

We will help you determine whether you meet the criteria established by your lender, and if you do, we will participate in a short sale negotiation with your mortgage lenders to achieve the best terms during the shortest possible time frame helping you to avoid the negative consequences of foreclosure.

What Will You Do With My Property?

First, we will generally address any physical issues with the property such as fixing the foundation, replacing the roof or resolving any tenant issues. We will then perform a cosmetic interior and exterior renovation to bring the property in line with the best properties in the neighborhood.
Next, we generally sell the property to an owner­ occupant buyer.

How Do You Determine Your Offer Price?

Unlike some home buyers, who make lowball offers, we employ a very specific formula for determining our offer price. First, we’ll estimate what your property will sell for after we have performed our renovation. Next, we’ll subtract the expected renovation costs such as labor and materials and holding costs such as insurance and taxes. Next we subtract a fair and reasonable profit margin as compensation for the risk, time and money involved in buying, renovating and selling the property. And this gives us our offer price. After making our offer, we won’t give you rigid time restrictions to accept our offer, and we won’t pressure you. If our number makes sense, great, and if it doesn’t, that’s okay too. We know full well that homeowners know the value of their real estate, and we also know that they will reject unfair offers. That’s why we don’t start low and hope you won’t talk us up. Most home owners tell us that our offers are at the top of (or very close to) the highest price they’ve been offered by other cash home buyers.We have learned that making fair offers and delivering on our commitments allows us to maintain our stellar reputation and in turn, purchase more properties at fair prices in the future.

Do I have to pay any fees or real estate broker commissions?


Why Shouldn't I List With a Real Estate Broker or Agent?

We believe that most homeowners should absolutely list with a real estate agent or a broker because exposing your property to the highest number of buyers via the Multiple Listing Service will increase your chance of receiving the highest offer. Even after paying a real estate commission, many homeowners will still receive a higher price after listing with an agent. However, there are 3 common situations when selling directly to a cash home buyer may be preferable:
1. When time is of the essence and you cannot wait 3-6 months for a traditional transaction to close
2. When the property needs repairs or has not been renovated recently and is ikely to turn off most traditional buyers
3. When the property is inhabited by tenants who would make showing the home difficult or impossible

If I accept your offer, when will we close?

We generally close within 7 days and are flexible to your needs and schedule.

Why Should I Contact Online House Buyers to Sell My House?

You have many options and we encourage you to absolutely contact other cash home buyers. At the end of the day, you’ll want to choose the cash home buyer who not only offers you the highest price, but who has the credibility and reputation to follow through on their commitment. We’ve helped many homeowners and hope you will give us the opportunity as well.

Additional questions? Please call us at 347-352-0505 or complete our easy short form

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