Take These 7 Steps to Sell Your House Fast



Sell Your House Fast

You can make a few easy decisions to sell your house fast. In this article, we will review 7 tried and true techniques to sell your house fast such as listing at the correct price, choosing the right real estate professional, leveraging the power of online listings, improving the interior and exterior appearance of your house and making any necessary repairs prior to showing. Here are 7 steps to sell your house fast:


1)Sell your house fast by pricing it aggressively. You have the most leverage and visibility to sell your house fast the first week your house is listed for sale. Pricing your house too high will turn off potential buyers and result in less interest and offers to purchase. Conversely, by pricing your house appropriately you will maximize offers to purchase and have the opportunity to use multiple offers to increase your leverage and ultimately extract a higher sales price than your asking price.

2)Interview several agents and get a written marketing plan outlining specific sales activities for selling your house fast. Look for an agent that has pre-qualified buyers lined up and who has expertise in your particular area. Be careful to not necessarily go with the real estate salesperson or broker who tells you they will sell your house for the highest price. Remember, pricing your house too high will result in a longer time on market, give you less leverage and momentum and often times result in a lower sales price.

3)Pay attention to the quality of your online listings on sites such as Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. Your pictures should be professional, brightly lit, portray expansive spaces and display all exterior and interior spaces. Be sure to also feature videos of your house as they will attract more potential buyers and move your house higher in the rankings of sites such as Zillow.

4)Remove clutter from your house and rent storage space if necessary. Nobody wants to buy ugly houses. Clutter makes a space appear smaller so by removing clutter, you can increase a buyer’s perception of the size and livability of your space. Also, be sure to remove personal effects before so clients can imagine themselves and their belongings in the house.

5)Don’t underestimate the importance of curb appeal in selling your house fast. It’s widely believed that buyers decide on the attractiveness of a home when first viewing the exterior and then first viewing the interior. Subsequent thoughts justify the veracity of the initial decision. In other words, first impressions count so be sure to Invest in a professional landscaper to ensure the exterior grounds have best possible appearance. Green, freshly cut grass, manicured and trimmed bushes make a big difference.

6)Make any necessary improvements or repairs to the house. Most buyers just want to move in and not have the burden of doing any repairs and renovations. When deciding on two similar houses in similar price points, buyers will always choose the house that requires less work and headache. Repair your home to sell your home fast.

7)Make sure your real estate salesperson or broker is knowledgeable and can speak to local amenities and the advantages of your local area such as school performance, parks, mass transit and infrastructure. The specifics can tip the scale and make or break the sale.

For questions about selling your house fast or for a fast cash offer to buy your house, contact Justin at Online House Buyers at 347-35-0505 or email at jb@onlinehousebuyers.com. We specialize in buying houses fast for cash in Queens, Bronx and Long Island, New York regardless of condition or circumstances.

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